Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is anyone still out there?

Does anyone even read this anymore?  Oh my poor little blog.  I've fallen so far behind it's sad.  I know I still like to read blogs so I think I might be selfish.  Reading lots of other people's blogs but not contributing to the blogsphere.  I am terrible.

I guess I need to be better about that.  Sometimes the things I want to write about though, I can't.  How fun would it be to be anonymous amiright?  Oh the things I could say! 

Anywho.  I read my last post and I guess we'll pick up from there.  My feet are still freezing.  I am, at this exact moment, sitting in front of a space heater.   Nothing has changed in a year.  Yes, it's 70 something degrees outside but I am cold.  I have problems okay?  Last year my amazing MIL gave me another foot warming device.  HOT BOOTIES.

You guys.  I love these things.  They look ridiculous and yes, I look ridiculous in them but I DON'T CARE.  My tootsies are happy in them.  I highly recommend them.  And best of all, I can work in them.

Now if only I can find something similar for my poor hands...every time I touch my boys they shrink away like they've been touched by ice.  Because they basically have.  Mommy and her ice hands.  Maybe the movie Frozen was modeled after me?


Angela S said...

lol, That is insane!

Denisse said...

Keep posting because I love your posts and I honestly think that blogs are the only worthwhile thing on the internet. I also like instagram because I can print the pics I post later...but I do miss reading blogs. I feel like since Brooke was born though, I haven't been able to keep up with mine like I used to...anyway, as I write this my feet are frozen, so I may look into buying those hot booties! they look awesome!!!!